Improve Energy Performance by Retrofitting Buildings to be Green

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Going green doesn't necessarily mean building green from the ground up. It can be a number of different efforts all towards the same goal, and working with what you already have. Simply upgrading some of the utility devices in a building can have a huge impact on lowering that building's production of carbon emissions.
With annual energy costs for Canada's commercial building sector amounting to roughly $17.6 billion and having lighting, heating, and cooling efforts representing 50 to 60 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions, there is obvious room for improvement. The Canada Green Building Council is committed to helping businesses, corporations, building owners and operators do what needs to be done to make every building greener. 
LEED® (Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design) certification clearly demonstrates your commitment to the future of green building in Canada. There are a number of rating systems, including: New construction (NC), Core and Shell (CS), Commercial Interiors (CI), Existing Buildings (EB:O&M), Homes and Neighborhoods. If a construction project or major renovation is a candidate for any of these certifications it is entirely worthwhile to do so, and earn the recognition of an environmentally friendly contributor.
LEED® Canada Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EB: O&M) offers building owners and operators a way to measure energy and water consumption. Once you are measuring and know what you are dealing with, goals can be set to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and the consumption rates of utilities, and actions can be taken to improve the overall efficiency of the building.
The CaGBC offers continuing education courses and private green building workshops for those people who are just getting familiar with green building and green property management efforts. Visit the website and explore the education calendar to find out more about the many options available through the CaGBC.
Get involved in the green initiative today, and see what kind of positive impact you can have on our environment. Reach out to the team at the CaGBC to find out what program is right for you.
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