How to Increase Building’s Energy Performance - Simple Steps

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Building a safer, cleaner, greener world is everyone's responsibility and those who are in a position to affect how this society grows are on the front lines of control. The earth has been badly damaged due to our carelessness over the last several hundred years but luckily there is still time to reverse this course of action and begin implementing solutions which will reverse the unpleasant course and transform the planet back to its former glory.
In addition to building energy efficient buildings we can improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. By addressing whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues, recycling programs, exterior maintenance programs and systems upgrades building owners can maximize operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact.  Increasing your building's energy performance isn't just about the latest technology, but also about the types of materials used in its construction and how we go about building in general.
There are many tools and services available for measuring energy and water consumption. Ongoing  performance measurement and reporting of energy and water use is an integral part of LEED® EB:O&M (Existing Building: Operations and Management). Since its launch in 2010, LEED EB:O&M has been rapidly adopted and is successfully transforming the commercial office sector with a total of 349 registered and certified buildings across Canada, representing over 18 million square meters.
Using recycled materials for example cuts down considerably on your carbon footprint as they do not require nearly as much fuel to repurpose as it would take to create brand new supplies. This reduces emissions in the air as well as a cost to the builder. Utilizing modern sealants and energy efficient windows is another classic example of ways to save money on electricity costs and also add value to a building which is being created for someone else.
Taking care to improve the tenant experience is another way to improve energy efficiency and performance. Office space within new or existing buildings can undergo enhancements or transformations that create high performing interior spaces that are healthy, productive places to work and are less costly to operate and maintain.

Become a Green Leader
The Canada Green Building Council is the country's leader in environmentally safe building practices and is rapidly expanding. Offering courses, workshops, and instruction seminars in all manner of green construction, they are a premier membership club for those looking to create a greener future within their products and business. But they much more than just an educational institute, they are the definitive council for environmental creation in Canada. Through a membership with the CaGBC companies have the ability to network amongst one another, sharing ideas and industry developments, and involving themselves in friendly competitions to bring down energy costs and raise the value of their green projects.
Protecting the planet and ensuring a healthier future is the responsibility of all of us. While many of us do our part by taking the necessary step inside our space, it is the builder and owner who wield control of the creation process and ultimately set the user up for environmental failure or ecological success!
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