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Today is not unlike the past in that people are still looking for the most practical, economical, and efficient solution to their needs, only now they are looking for them to be environmentally-friendly. In fact, today's green builder is able to supply not only sound knowledge to reduce their carbon footprint, but can also complete a building project with the confidence that it will continue to be of benefit to both the consumer and to the earth. Utilizing sustainable building methods has the immediate impact of lessening costs during actual construction while adding an extra layer of protection to the planets resources, but also helps ensure that the need for energy is reduced in the future, cutting down on the amount of greenhouse gasses we release into the air when producing the electricity and heating we require for continuous operations.
Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
A lot of people think that it is very expensive or time consuming to reduce one's carbon footprint, but it is actually economically beneficial as well as ecologically. First of all, your carbon footprint is a measurement of the amount of resources you use and the amount of pollution they that cause to create, build, manufacture, etc. When using brand new materials which are not sustainable to begin your project the footprint you leave behind is greatly increased and in the future will come to rear its head once again in the form of waste or needing to throw away former materials if they are not reusable. When companies use sustainable supplies such as recycled building materials and sustainable structures made out of certified wood they are able to greatly decrease the amount of toxicity which is released into the world on their behalf. Buying locally for example requires far less shipping fuel to deliver your materials to the construction site, thus reducing the amount of chemicals released into the air. Using materials which help climate control will bring down costs to tenants of buildings you create by allowing them to set heat and air conditioning temperatures lower in their respective seasons, ensuring once again that less energy and therefore toxins are created on your behalf.
A Helping Hand
The Canada Green Building Council is an expert when it comes to keeping you on the environmental right track. Deeply passionate about the planet, this membership group operates under the highest ethical guidelines and provides its members with invaluable tools and resources for sustaining their green pledge to the earth. Utilizing a series of workshops, educational programs, and symposiums members learn the latest in technological advancements with regards to green building and offers many ideas and applications for increasing future building's energy efficiency. One of the premier benefits to a CaGBC membership is exclusive training and hands-on experience in the practices necessary to achieve you LEED® certification, which has become the global trademark for those who wish to been seen as a sustainable building leader in the industry.
There are three options for membership. National memberships are for companies or organizations, large or small, in the green building industry. Benefits are extended to all employees. Chapter memberships are for individuals who want to engage with the green building industry on a local level in one of the eight CaGBC chapter regions across Canada. Emerging Green Builder (EGB) memberships are available for those new to the industry and under 30 years of age to help nurture their professional networks and education.
Remember, a greener effort today ensures a safer and more economical future for us all tomorrow. Connect with the CaGBC today.
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