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About Green Building
You've probably heard a lot about green building, green construction and sustainable building lately. It's a topic increasing in popularity on the news and in magazines as people and companies become more environmentally aware. What most people fail to mention however, is what green building actually is. Green building is the process of designing an environmentally responsible structure. All aspects of the building and its lifespan are included in the process, from design and renovations to its eventual demolition. The most common factors of a green building are the efficiency of resources being used or processed, such as water and power, and the reduction of waste – including that created by the buildings eventual demolition.
Green Building Design
Taking the leap to green building is a great way to showcase your, or your company's, desire to be proactive in protecting the environment. Not only can this help you attain more environmentally aware clients and customers, but it can be a fantastic way to reduce overhead costs associated with waste, water and energy consumption.

Becoming a member of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) can be enormously beneficial. They have programs in place to help you from start to finish. Being a corporate member or a Chapter member will give you the resources you need to get off on the right foot, and see it through to the finish. You can easily be put in contact with green designers and even tour facilities currently under construction or fully operational that have green concepts built into the design to help give you a clearer picture of the results you can expect from going green. Consider partaking in any of the programs offered by Canada Green Building Council, such as LEED® Canada, Smart Growth, EcoDistricts, Living Building Challenge and Passive House to further educate yourself on the topics that can help change the world. CaGBC has a wide variety of green building services to help you or your company become more environmentally conscious, and make your community and country a better place to live.
Green designers
Green designers can help you get where you need to be, environmentally speaking. They work in all aspects of the building process, not just in design, but also in the implementation of their ideals. They are frequently able to help spot problem areas in the plan and can help plan the project starting at the drawing board. A good green designer will make your project as green as you want it to be, while adding class and style to the finished project. 

Explore the new Canada Builds Green directory which features hundreds of green building service providers from Canada. Find the one that suits your specific needs or take the steps necessary to have your own company listed in this valuable online resource.
There are dozens of reasons to go green with your building, and with the right resources it can be done incredibly effectively. With the programs available through Canada Green Building Council, the options and resources available to you are put within your grasp. All you need to do is reach out, sign up, and reap the rewards of environmentally responsible building.
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