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Going green with your company means setting an environmentally friendly example for both your employees, and your community. This can increase brand loyalty and create a feeling of satisfaction in your customers and clients. Creating a competitive advantage can be as easy as distinguishing yourself as a company that has an environmentally conscious approach to business. Not only can this help your company attain and preserve clients, but it can also improve efficiency and potentially lower some of your operating costs while providing a healthier atmosphere. Moving forward with this ambitious plan is easier than you think.


Canada Green Building Council


The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)is a non-profit organization working nationwide since 2002 to help create and advance the adoption of environmentally friendly buildings. Green architecture has come a long way in the last decade and CaGBC is on the front line, helping to reduce greenhouse gases and landfill waste created from the construction and demolition of buildings. Their goal to make every building greener has led to a national membership network designed to help teach individuals and corporations how to build green. Green building development helps make Canada a better, more environmentally sound place to live and work.


National Membership


There are three ways to become a member of the CaGBC. First and foremost, national membership is the best option for companies and organizations in the green building industry. Companies can join one of two categories: Green Building Specialist or Green Building Advocate.


Then, on a regional basis, individuals are encouraged to become a member of their local Chapter. All employees of a national member company (Advocate or Specialist) can claim a FREE membership in the Chapter of their choice - including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Region, the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa Region, and the Atlantic. Each Chapter extends the green building market to communities across Canada. For those new to the industry, Emerging Green Builders (EGB) can become a member through their local Chapter as they begin to shape their green career.

Some of the opportunities presented through membership include exponential growth of personal networks through introductions to green building experts, tours of local green building projects and access to local green building resources that may be over looked by the average contractor or development team.

National members have additional benefits which include: the right to vote on the direction of LEED, the ability to contribute to the national conferences, a free company listing in the Canada Builds Green online directory, and Chapter memberships that are free for employees of national member companies. They also have the opportunity to join CaGBC's national board through an election process, and to elect other board members.

Other ways to engage in the industry include the option to participate in CaGBC committees and advisory groups, which help the development of the Canadian rating systems. Corporate members are also kept up to date in CaGBC education due to the complimentary subscriptions to industry publications. All of these offerings and services are designed to make the diverse regions of Canada more environmentally sound by reducing the amount of waste and greenhouse gases created through not only construction and demolition, but also through the day to day operation of the buildings being designed and built.


How to Join


Becoming a corporate member of the Canada Green Building Council is a simple task. Simply complete an application and submit the annual membership fees. Rates vary by industry and company size, the benefits of membership and the right use of the exclusive branding of CaGBC will give your company a leg up over the competition when it comes to environmentally aware clients and customers. Chapter members just need to go online and ensure they are connected with their employer’s profile and then claim their free membership.  Contact the Canada Green Building Council today to help do your part in preserving your company and your country.

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