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Education Fuels Green Building
There has been an explosion of interest in the environmental sector in recent years, as the urgency of dealing with climate change becomes increasingly apparent. Nowhere is this concern greater than in the building sector. For the green builder this is a welcome challenge, but being able to stay abreast of changes in environmental regulations, techniques and codes is not always easy.
The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)has become an essential player in the field of green building education. A national, not-for-profit organization, the CaGBC has a broadly-based membership composed of engineers, architects, designers, developers, urban planners, commercial real estate owners and, of course, builders. The CaGBC is a knowledge-sharing organization, with its member base being given a platform, both at the national level and in regional chapters, to network and organize. Underpinning that are the CaGBC's various education initiatives.
Building Green
The CaGBC advantage lies in that connection to the green building industry and its requirements. In the 12 years since its inception, it has become a respected, independent authority on green building. In particular, it holds the licence for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in Canada. LEED is an internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings and is constantly evolving - in fact the latest version of LEED known as 'v4' was just released internationally and promises to set even higher benchmarks for sustainable building globally.
LEED Canada has certified hundreds of projects and is transforming the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated --- from individual buildings and homes, to entire EcoDistricts and communities.
Building Green with LEED is an intensive 36-hour program providing a comprehensive overview of green building. It describes the LEED rating systems and explains strategies available to meet LEED requirements. It is excellent preparation for writing the LEED Green Associate exam, as well as meeting eligibility requirements for that exam.
In particular, Building Green with LEED describes:
  • The need for a green transformation of the built environment.
  • Explains LEED and describes the certification process.
  • Identifies concepts and strategies that can be used to meet requirements of LEED rating systems.
  • Identifies the LEED rating system applicable to different types of building projects.
Other CaGBC Courses and Educational Opportunities - including content updated with LEED v4 material
Other CaGBC courses include LEED in Practice; LEED Canada for New Construction; LEED Green Building Strategies; LEED Green Associate study course; and an Introduction to the LEED Green Building Rating Systems.The Living Building Challenge is a six hour immersion in the philosophy and practice of green building. It takes the form of in-person workshops by expert faculty intended to expand the attendees' knowledge base. Other CaGBC courses use interactive and incorporate multimedia, field trips, webinars, guest speakers and case studies, and are available through the various CaGBC Chapters across the country.
The CaGBC also holds an annual conference and exposition. The annual event is the premier green building show in Canada, and includes lectures, continuing education hours, networking opportunities and an trade show. The latter is a large expo with close to 100 exhibitors and displays showcasing the latest products, technologies and innovations in green building.
If you are building an environmentally-focused career, start with the solid green education available through the CaGBC.
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