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Why Build a LEED Team?

Environmental convictions aside, there is a strong business case for building green.  For example, LEED-Silver certified condos in Toronto were found to sell at 5.7% to 6.2% more than their non-certified counterparts. For LEED-Gold certified buildings, condos sold at 12.2% to 14.9% more[1]. The University of Guelph and the University of Maastricht found that green buildings provided "significantly higher levels of tenant satisfaction, increased probability of lease renewals, and decreased tenant rent concessions”[2]. It’s true that Canadian environmental sectors are growing and that more and more companies are beginning to experience the benefits of building green. In order to stay competitive, companies (like yours) are going to have to start incorporating LEED principles into your projects.


In addition to being internationally recognized, LEED is evolving to stay ahead of the game. The newest version of the rating system, version 4, promotes cutting edge environmental design.  LEED credentialed individuals are the most qualified to work on these projects and CaGBC offers an array of courses to help train and educate your staff.  Keep reading to learn how to build your own LEED team.


Who should be on the Team?

There are three LEED credentials that people can obtain. First, there is the Green Associate credential-this is the starting point for every LEED professional. The Green Associate credential means, in brief, that this individual is familiar with LEED concepts and principles. The Green Associate exam tests your knowledge on the strategies that can contribute to LEED certification, as well as the LEED structure and process.

Once an individual has their Green Associate credential, they can challenge a second exam to become a LEED Accredited Professional (AP) with Specialty. A LEED AP will choose between 5 specialties (listed here), and will write a more rigorous test on specific credit requirements, referenced standards, and required calculations to achieve credits.


The last LEED credential is for the environmental stewards of our time. It is the LEED Fellowship, and you must be nominated for your remarkable achievements in order to qualify. You can read more about it here.


As a general rule, it is always good to have a Green Associate and a few LEED APs on a project.


How do I Build a Team?

Build your own educated LEED accredited team of professionals with CaGBC’s LEED v4 Education. Located around the country, CaGBC Chapters hold events and workshops designed to help prepare you for the Green Associate Exam, or to bring you up to speed on what’s new in version 4. Don’t have the time to spend in class? Check out CaGBC’s webinars and on-demand courses.  The Green Associate Exam Prep Course and the Building Design and Construction Exam Prep Course are both online self-paced options designed to help you pass your Green Associate and LEED AP exams respectively. If you’re already a LEED professional, there are a number of courses that can help you stay current, like the Introduction to the Changes in LEED v4 course.


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